Q: Where are you located?

We are based in USA.

Q: Do you have a retail store?

No, but we attend multiple events and show across the US. You can find us mostly on the East Coast. 

Q: Where can I request a return or exchange?

You can request return or exchange through our contact page.

Q: What currency does your store use?

USD, but you can also change it to your prefered currency.


Q: Do you ship to my country?

We ship US only.

Q: Is it possible to get free shipping?

No. Unfortunately with the amount of variation in our products we cannot provide free shipping. 

Q: When will my order ship?

When we are on location we ship within 24 - 48 hours. However, when we are traveling for a show it may be 5 - 7 business days to get orders shipped. 

Q: How long before I receive my order?

It will take between 14 to 21 days to ship outside of United States. 

Q: Who is your shipping provider?

Our shipping providers are DHL, USPS, Fedex. It always depends on your location.


Q: Is there order and shipping confirmation?

Yes. You will receive a confirmation once your order is made. A shipping confirmation email with the tracking number will be sent to you.

Q: Why is my tracking link not showing me anything?

If your tracking number doesn't work or has errors, it could be that your shipment hasn't been picked up by the courier or the courier has not scanned it as received. Please allow up to 24 hours for your tracking number to be logged by the shipping courier.

Q: My package is missing. What should I do?

You can try track your package, if you have a tracking number for it. Or you can contact us directly from our contact page.

Q: Where can I enter my discount code?

You can enter it at the checkout.

Q: Can I use multiple discount codes when placing my order?

No. You can only use one discount code per order.

Q: Do you offer gift cards?

Yes. Occasionally during special days. eg: Mothers Day, Christmas... 

Q: Can I change or cancel my order once I submit it?

Yes. You can cancel order placed within the next 12 hours of order being made.